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About Us - The History of Mocha Fella

Mocha Fella is a simple concept based and built on one of the most popular drinks in the world, Coffee.

Meet the family...

The Mocha Fella

After a career in Catering then IT, the Mocha Fella's next move was to buy an Espresso Coffee Cart and start to change people's perceptions of the great cup of coffee.

The Mocha Sons

These boys are the future of Mocha Fella's empire, so when they arrive at university, the mocha sons will have their very own Chugga Fella, to pay their way through!

The Chugga Fella

The Mocha Sons listened to the coffee cart when it started up and Mocha son numero uno said "its engine sounds like it's chuggin' to the music Dad". So there was the birth of the "Chugga Fella".

The Sorcerer

So how did Mocha Fella find the Chugga Fella? Well, every rugby touchline has a "wealth of talent" standing watching and so appeared The Sorcerer. sourcethatcar.co.uk is owned by Mike Barter the modern day merlin. So from the initial conversation, two weeks later, the Chugga Fella arrived at its new home.

The Events Caddy

A true entrepreneur who owns his own Party Events business and will play a key role for many joint ventures in the years to come. Cm-management@hotmail.co.uk

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